A Review: Shoot for the Stars Lush Bath Bomb

Let’s be honest. Who doesn’t get Lush Bath Bombs as part of their Christmas!? And if you don’t, you really are missing out and need to reevaluate your life.

Anyone who knows me knows how much I love to be able to relax in my own stress, and soaking in a lava like, good smelling, arty bath really helps me to do that. 

I got this bath bomb as part of the “Northern Lights” gift wrap package. 

The stunning, brightly coloured packaging that “Shoot for the Stars”, along with two other bath bombs, came in

Something that I love about Lush is that their customer care is always on top form. Not only that, but they care greatly for the environment, using recycled packaging with more than 70% of their products also being vegan. Their packaging and gift boxes are always well thought out and specially designed for the Christmas season, always ensuring to have something new for the loyal customers to try both in designs and products.

The main ingredients in Shoot for the Stars is their infamous Fairtrade Cocoa Butter as well as Brazilian Orange and Bergamot Oil, not forgetting the combinations of Lustre that gives you the brilliantly beautiful sparkle both in your bath and on your body.

One thing that I noticed about the new design of the bath bomb is that the golden stars were actually bath melts. Bath melts leave your skin feeling silky soft and smooth because of the high amounts of Cocoa Butter they are created from.

The golden stars embedded into the bath bomb are actually bath melts!

Once finished running my bath, I popped Shoot for the Stars into the water and watched it as it fizzed its way around the bathtub. It was as if I was watching a masterpiece unfold, as with every twist and turn that the ball of bicarb made, the golden stars melted in with the blue, revealing a painting of water with pinks, purples, blues and white swirls and clouds. 

The stunning pattern created by the bath bomb

As the ball began to disappear and fizz away, I could smell the strong scent of oranges and chocolate which came from the cocoa and the citrus oils.

As I stepped into the bath, I sunk into the aromatic smells as I separated the perfect picture that the bath bomb had created. I was surrounded by a very sweet scent that could have easily helped me drift off to sleep. They say that the smell of citric acids can reduce stress levels by “clearing the mind of anxious thoughts for mental clarity” with its light, fresh fragrance. It’s antibacterial properties can also help with many skin conditions including eczema and acne.

Not long after getting into a comfortable position do I notice the softness of my skin from the cocoa butter. It has that feeling as if you’ve literally just shaved your legs after walking about like a Gorilla for the past 6 months. I felt smoother than a baby!

After chillaxing for about 20 minutes and listening to some country tunes, the bath turned a deeper blue and there was glitter all over to make the water sparkle. It looked like a starry night sky (hence the name, Shoot for the Stars). 

The bath transforming itself into a starry night sky…

Once your bath is done, the Lustre is easy to clean from the bathtub, as it is just the type of Lustre that you would put on food. Mess free! Woo!
As I write this review, my skin feels softer than butter, I am covered head to toe in sparkle and I can’t stop smelling myself! A great time to use this bath bomb would be before a night out, so that you have a body that can glitter in the moonlight! 

I hope you enjoyed reading and you are ready to hit the shops tomorrow to buy a dozen bath bombs! I feel like I could go for another bath now!


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