REVIEW: A Trip to the Lush Spa

Today I am going to be talking about the most unusual massage I’ve ever had!
On Christmas 2015, I got lush spa vouchers for my mum, my step dad Frank, and myself as I thought it would be a great treat to go to Edinburgh for the day for a bit of a pamper!

Within this review I am going to go into detail with my experience, as I think it is the little things that make something memorable and enjoyable, also portraying how much customer care goes into each individual.

We only managed to book it on 3rd Sep as we were never off from work at the same time. So a trip to the lush spa was long overdue! We booked a date and finally got to experience the mysterious and enchanting curiosity of what the Lush Spa had to offer!

24 hours before the massage, I got a courtesy call just to confirm my booking and to ensure we got there at least 10 minutes before the appointment, as well as if there were any last minute changes etc.

As we entered the shop on Princes Street, we got our vouchers scanned and then we were escorted to seats beside the face masks to wait until they were ready for us. Upon waiting, we were asked if we would like some water. We accepted and what was brought back was a glass of water with a third of a strawberry in it, which was very unexpected! I then took a sip of the water and it had a hint of strawberry flavour in it, which really surprised me. The water was lovely, and when I had drank it all, I could eat the strawberry too! (Sounds stupid to get excited about water with a strawberry in it, but again, it’s the little things!).

When the staff were ready, we were led downstairs into a cabin like setting where it felt really warm and homely. We were directed to a large table in a kitchen setting, I felt like a bit of a creep whipping out my phone and taking pictures, so regrettably I didn’t. My mum and I sat down beside each other, as we had booked a double room with the same massage, whereas Frank sat at the other end of the table and had a private consultation with his masseuse.

We basically just filled out a form about our medical history and any allergies, and then our masseuses went over the products that they were going to use, letting us have a smell and a feel of them. Before we entered our massage room, we were asked if we needed the toilet. I let my mum go first. I wasn’t going to go, but then I realised that I would be kind of screwed and uncomfortable if I had to hold it in halfway through the massage, so I thought, well I’ll see what my bladder can squeeze out.

If anyone here is a girl, or knows girls then they will know that they judge a place by the state of their bathrooms. If the bathroom is a mess, no matter how nice and pristine the rest of the place is, we will not feel comfortable or clean. Thankfully, in Lush Spas case, the bathroom was immaculate! It felt like I was in bathroom heaven when I entered. Literally. The bathroom was full of Lush products to try, such as soap, perfume, makeup, cleansers, toners, moisturisers, you name it, they had it! Even shower gel! That’s right. This bathroom had a shower. WHAT? The next step would be to add a bathtub, but then nobody would leave, especially if you had limitless bath bombs and bubble bars to choose from!




Ok so time to get to the nitty gritty – the actual massage!

The massage we had chosen was “The Comforter” which is a sweet treat of chocolate indulgence and fantasies of candy floss sheep and chocolate river mountains, the impurities of life being scrubbed away, leaving a softening glow of magic both in the mind and body, familiar tunes downplayed into a sweet symphony to melt away our troubles as we dream of being in a land filled with sweet and sugar lemon drops somewhere over the rainbow. How’s that for a description?

As we entered the double room, the room was dimmed and there were pink stars all around us. The masseuses left the room so that we could get undressed. We needed to be stripped right down to nakedness! There were two beds waiting for us to get snuggled into with a cosy (heated?) blanket topped on a thin sheet. We then rang a bell which let the masseuses know that we were ready.

The theme of this massage is Candy Land, so there were many songs associated with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Lush’s own band (yes they have a band?!) singing a softer, sweeter rendition of the original versions.

Limb by limb, the masseuses rubbed a chocolate scented exfoliator onto our skin in gentle, circular motions, massaging it into the skin. They then gently washed off the exfoliator with warm water using the same gentle motions, working from top to bottom, eventually turning us over to do our backs.

After the residue of the chocolate scrub was washed off, they then massaged an oily butter type product into the skin, ensuring to keep us relaxed and massaging sore or tense areas and muscles. We were ready to fall asleep to the scent of melted chocolate and the sound of the soft melodies. It was so calming and relaxing, but pampering at the same time!

As the masseuse’s left to leave us to change again, they told us that there was no rush and to take all of the time we needed to be ready. We were both so comfy and relaxed that it took us ten minutes to move!
Once we left the room, we were presented with two “cloud cocktails” which looked like a small portion of candy floss in a martini glass. We poured liquid onto it which melted it into a lovely sugary treat, being a great end to the sweet themed massage.

After enjoying our cocktails, we decided to explore the bathroom again (because to us girls, a nice bathroom is SO exciting!). There was then a book to write reviews and comments in which we wrote a wonderful review for a wonderful time!

Sadly after that, it was time for us to leave the sweet haven and face the real world once more.

I would 100% go again. The massage that we had chosen is really good for people who have quite dry skin and want a little pamper, it is a very relaxing atmosphere with tasty scents, beautiful melodies and a peaceful atmosphere.

I hope this review helped anyone who is maybe deciding whether or not to try this massage out! If you have any feedback or comments, please let me know! 😘


2 thoughts on “REVIEW: A Trip to the Lush Spa

  1. ThattgirlJenn says:

    Wow! That Lush Spa sounds fantastic! I don’t think we have any here. 😟 It sounds like you guys had a nice and relaxing time. That chocolate massage sounded like heaven! The bathroom looked wonderful!! What a dream! 😍😍

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