This is just gonna be a short one (I say, before typing out a novel based post), I promise.

I am one of those people who, despite sometimes being too honest for my own good, throw out compliments like nobody’s business. Sometimes I think to myself, I hope these people actually realise that my compliments are genuine and that I don’t just say what I say for the bantz. Sometimes I do feel like a bit of a creep but then I realise that a few nice words can make someones day.

Just now I was putting in my earrings that I was once complimented with when wearing them, “Wow, what a difference a pair of earrings can make. You look beautiful.”, and I have never forgotten that. Every time I put these earrings in now, I automatically think of what that person said and it makes me feel so good about myself.

The point of my story is that it gave me a thought to maybe write a post about the effects a compliment can have on someone. The importance of if you have a lovely thought, why hold it in, why not share it? Make someones day instead with how nice you think their dress is, or that their winged liner is “on point”.

Although complimenting someone may seem like a minor thing, “I love your dress, it really brings out your eyes” or “Your hair is so lovely today” if they’ve tried a new hairstyle. It has such a big impact on that person and I promise that if you say one nice thing to one person each day, you have changed the outcome of their day. If they are having the worst day of their lives, that one compliment can turn it all around. They might even remember it for the rest of their lives, and smile as they remember the feeling they had when they first put on that new dress that is now 6 years old.

Just a thought.

Rach X


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